Jet Washing Your DriveThe Right Way


I guess you expect me to start my post with “Use only professional pressure washing contractors, as the results are not going to be perfect, risk of injury or damage to property, da-di-da-di-da…”. Well, yes and no. Let me explain.

Anyone can buy a little cheap jet from Wal-Mart and start cleaning. I get that. But only professional companies and individual contractors can invest thousands of dollars in powerful Honda or Bandit pressure washer systems and blast those stubborn stains with ease.

In the case of a private individual trying to DIY their way into great results, I believe there is a substantial possibility of that never happening. You can’t compare a small Toyota Yaris to a full blown Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, as this is exactly how the budget pressure washer compares to a monstrously powerful professional machine. And, quite understandably, the results cannot be comparable either. While one can be satisfied with the budget machine’s performance it is nowhere near the quality standard one would demand when booking a professional power washing contractor.

So, which one would you prefer – DIY yourself into mediocre results or perfect professional service. Watch this video in case you haven’t made up your mind.

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